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Technology is an ever changing medium in the world we live in today. Schools across the world are increasingly integrating technology into the classroom each day. The use of technology is both beneficial for the students and the teacher. One source of technology that has proved to be beneficial in the classroom is a Smart Board.

The goal of integrating a Smart Board into the classroom is to improve student achievement and increase their technology literacy. This can be done with both the teacher and the students’ efforts.

Benefits of Smart Boards

  • Enhanced teaching/learning experience
  • Interactive Smart Technology
  • Low Maintenance
  • Access to online resources
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Proven Success Rates

This electronic whiteboard is interactive and great for demonstrations. Students would enjoy an interactive Smart Board lesson because the subject would come alive and bring reality into the classroom. Smart Boards provide a means of learning for all students, including students with different learning styles. Most students learn by actually doing and physically interacting with a medium, so Smart Boards would give students the opportunity to explore and manipulate concepts of a lesson. Also, students of every grade level show increased motivation and enjoy the interaction that the technology offers. The use of a Smart Board would capture the attention of students and also encourage participation.

There are many advantages for students with the use of Smart Boards, however teachers also benefit by using this technology. For instance a lesson incorporating the use of a Smart Board engages not only the students, but also the teacher. During the lesson the teacher would be modeling that he/she is also interested in the lesson; therefore reinforcing that they are lifelong learners. Another advantage for the teacher is that it gives them instant access to many electronic resources. For example, the Smart Board provides instant internet access during a lesson, so a student’s unanswered question can be answered immediately instead of waiting a day or two. Another huge advantage of Smart Boards is that teacher can plan lessons with so much more imagination. With the use of the Smart Board teaching any concept is possible and easier. Pages can be automatically saved, printed, emailed, or even pasted into a website. Flip-charts, all sorts of document, and presentations all can be created. The possibilities are endless. Another positive aspect about Smart Boards is that the software comes with ready made layouts. Layouts can be found on the internet, some created by SMART and others created by other teachers across the world. The layouts can be modified to fit each teachers own lesson appropriately. This would come in handy for teacher who do not have a lot of time to create a lesson.


Technology is found everywhere in this world so it only seems right to begin incorporating it into the classroom. One way to do this is by purchasing a Smart Board and incorporating it into daily lesson plans. Smart Boards are interactive and fun for both the students and teachers and have proved to be beneficial. In order to be beneficial for the students though, teachers need to make it interactive and get the students involved with each activity presented on the board. With increased involvement and engagement, the students will gain more knowledge and become excited about school and learning. The goal of technology incorporation is to increase students’ learning, which is something the Smart Board can accomplish.

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